Design by Lievore Altherr, 2018

A perimeter to define space. Paravan is sculptural in form and architectural in execution, both articulating and creating space. Like parentheses to enclose a conversation, Paravan creates intimacy in open areas with sound absorbing panels to support focus, concentration, and collaboration.


The Paravan collection is a modular language of panels that can be combined to create new expressions to delineate space. From basic quadrants to elegant curvatures, from linear forms to irregular repetitions, Paravan lends pattern, rhythm and color to wide spaces. Options for straight or rounded corners create aesthetic variety while kaleidoscopic material finishes ensure the collection can be customized to meet the needs of any space. The Paravan collection is ideally suited for lounge, co-working, or contract use and features an optional coat-hanger or shelf for added functionality. The graceful lines and graphic color combinations match the entire Arper family of collections for a unified integrity of expression in large spaces.

Paravan — 132,5 cm, Rectangular panel

Paravan — 132,5 cm, Panel with curved profile

Paravan — 132,5 cm, Curved panel

Paravan — 167,5 cm, Rectangular panel

Paravan — 167,5 cm, Panel with curved profile

Paravan — 167,5 cm, Curved panel

Paravan — Layout examples

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