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EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING Preschool Furniture Positive early learning experiences start with the right educational environment. Thats why Virco designed our vibrant, engaging Primary Collection furniture. Vircos Primary Collection table shapes facilitate creative in



Preschool Furniture
Positive early learning experiences start with the right educational environment.
That’s why Virco designed our vibrant, engaging Primary Collection® furniture.
Virco’s Primary Collection table shapes facilitate creative interaction. Table top heights adjust from 17” to 25” in 1” increments. They can also be ordered with
legs that adjust top heights from 22” to 30” for use by taller children or adults. Highpressure laminate top surfaces stand up to the energetic enthusiasm of younger children.
Colorful Selection
Primary Collection® furniture is available in Red, Squash, Cucumber, Forest Green, Purple Iris, Blueberry and Navy banding with Fusion Maple or Grey Nebula work surfaces. And as a complement to each of these vibrant colors, Primary Collection tables come with Virco’s durable Char Black or Silver Mist powder coat frame finishes, or with a Chrome finish.
Early Childhood Seating
Virco offers a variety of classroom chairs that can be used in the preschool environment. Check the product pages referenced below for each style to see which colors are available.
Natural Wood Tables
If your early learning environment calls for traditional wood furniture, Virco offers several sturdy table and chair models to suit your requirements. We now carry four tables with 18” legs and four more with 22” legs that children can use
on their own or in groups. All of these tables have 3/4” thick hardwood tops and
13/4” square hardwood legs. Wooden seating selections include 10”, 12” and
14” 4-leg chairs.
Block and Game Play
Sturdy hardwood blocks give youngsters a creative way to play. Virco’s block set provides an intriguing array of shapes and sizes. A mobile storage cart helps you clean up when play time ends.
Tote Tray Storage
Because of the many toys and teaching tools used in early learning environments, these settings can easily get cluttered and out of control That’s why it’s so important to have effective shelving and storage solutions from Virco on hand.
Our tote tray units with clear or colorful individual storage bins are great for helping kids appreciate the value of getting organized.
Locker, Bookshelf and Mobile Storage
If storage is an important issue in your early learning environment, these Virco products give you a diverse selection of alternatives. In addition to four locker models, we offer the multi-purpose bookshelf and the three mobile storage units pictured here. Items shown in storage units are not included.
Extra-Deep Storage and Folding Storage
As a complement to the shelving and storage items pictured on the preceding pages, Virco carries the handy product solutions shown here. Selected units have an extra-deep 18” base; two hinged models on casters are also available.
Dramatic Play
What’s better than being a kid, especially when you’ve got all kinds of ways to play? From a dress-up center and freestanding mirror to a deluxe puppet theater and a full set of kitchen appliances, Virco’s variety of early learning equipment helps children have fun and stretch their imaginations. A housekeeping station, an ironing set and a charming doll bed and high chair round out our dramatic play offerings.
Book Display Stands
If your preschool, daycare center or kindergarten needs durable, spacious book display stands, these models give you a variety of shelf and storage configurations. In addition to a double-sided book display, units are available with reverse side storage, a generous 8-section top and other configurations. Books and other items shown with the book display stands are not included.
Sand and Water
For a different play experience, three sand and water tables let kids get their hands into textured materials for hours of fun.
Active Play
When active play is on your early learning agenda, Virco has a pair of tricycles so kids can really get on a roll! You’ll also like our heavy-duty locker that helps keep balls from being scattered over a play area.
Virco’s early learning art equipment selection lets you choose from a two-sided easel, a hinged three-way easel or an art center that accommodates four students. In addition, we offer a drying rack that folds for easy storage when not in use. Artwork is not included; art supplies shown, but not mentioned in captions, are not included.
Teaching Easels
Whether they’re used to post an instructor’s visual materials or to display student work, easels make great teaching tools. That’s why Virco gives you a selection of free-standing or table-top models with metal or wooden frames. Books, markers and artwork are not included with easels. All models shown on this page have four casters, at least two of which
Colorful Teaching & Learning Rugs
What a charming way to teach youngsters all sorts of important things! These fun Virco rugs help kids learn to count, to use a calendar, and to identify the 50 states. Other Virco rugs help kids learn their “ABCs”. We’ve even got a bilingual rug that helps kids learn English and Spanish! Sets of phonic squares from the rectangular rugs make excellent early learning tools. For added durability, all rugs have double-stitched edges and are Carpet Guard stain protected.are locking.
Quiet Time
When it’s time to settle down, Virco’s early childhood product collection includes a three-piece foam-core seating group, a cot, a cot carrier, and a plastic cube that doubles as a chair or a table. There’s also a classic bean bag chair and a comfy bean bag lounger.
Our step-up platform – with wellpositioned handholds and slip-resistant strips on each step – helps youngsters wash their hands.
Teacher Seating
Along with our selection of chairs for kids in early childhood settings, Virco offers a number of seating models for teachers and other adults in these environments, including the rockers shown here.

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