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Virco Desk Series

Virco Series Virco Desk Series TEXT Series Desks Designed by the award-winning team of Peter Glass and Bob Mills, TEXT Series desks combine style, durability and performance. Single-student models are available with Fortified Recycled Wood hard plastic


Virco Desk Series

Virco Desk Series
TEXT® Series Desks
Designed by the award-winning team of Peter Glass and Bob Mills, TEXT® Series desks combine style, durability and performance. Single-student models are available with Fortified Recycled Wood™ hard plastic or high-pressure laminate tops in fixed- or adjustable-height configurations. There’s also a TEXT twostudent, adjustable-height desk with a 24” x 48” work surface and two plastic book boxes.
ZUMA® Cantilever Desks
Combining an open-sided design for easy access with a generous bowfront top that comfortably holds a laptop and textbook, ZUMA® cantilever desks are available in 29”, 27” and 25” fixed-height sizes. ZUMA cantilever desks can be paired with a ZUMA model ZCANT18 cantilever chair or a ZUMAfrd™ cantilever chair; either chair model conveniently nests on top of these desks for easier classroom cleaning.
Adjustable-Height ZUMA® Desks
Because contemporary classrooms require adaptable furniture, adjustability is the key to these ZUMA student desks. One model has a spacious bowfront work surface that accommodates a laptop and textbook, while another feature a traditional rectangular top and a space-saving footprint.
Adjustable-Height ZUMA® Collaborative Learning Desks
For collaborative learning activities, ZHEX models can be configured in six-foot hexagonal groupings, while ZOCT models facilitate seven-foot octagonal arrangements. All ZHEX and ZOCT models have a 22” to 34” height adjustment range.
Adjustable-Height ZBOOM Collaborative Learning Desks & Tote-Tray Storage System
Easily grouped in four-desk collaborative clusters, new ZUMA® ZBOOM desks come in 22” to 34” adjustable-height models, as well as stand-up models with a 31” to 41” top-height range. Optional accessories include a removable 3” deep plastic tote tray that can be moved from desk to desk as students rotate between collaborative groups. When not in use, tote trays fit neatly in the 2700 Series or Plateau® storage units shown below.
ZUMA® Cantilever Two-Student Desks
When your floor plan calls for desks that accommodate students
in pairs, you’ll appreciate the sturdy construction of these ZUMA® models.
Featuring a stout 22”D x 60”W top, a cantilever frame and a 295/8”, 275/8”
or 255/8” fixed top height, ZUMA two-student desks also have a contoured
inner edge profile that helps define the work surface space of each student.
Sigma® Series Desks
Sigma’s open-sided, cantilevered design eases the strain in crowded classrooms by enabling students to more easily get into and out of their seats. Six standard
Sigma® models feature a spacious 20” x 26” work surface. Sigma desks give you a choice of 25”, 27” and 30” top heights for a variety of applications in multiple grade levels.
7900 Series Desks for Collaborative Learning
By popular demand, Virco’s two desks for collaborative learning classrooms
combine durable, stain-resistant FRW™ hard plastic trapezoid tops with a popular pedestal-leg design that enables a 20” - 30” top height range. Six model
79HEXM desks can easily be arranged in a 6-foot hexagon, while eight model
79OCTM desks can grouped in a 7-foot octagon. Options include a spacious
book box and a convenient backpack hanger.
7900 Series Desks
If you want hard-working adjustable-height desks with a traditional pedestal base, Virco’s 7900 Series lets you choose from three popular models. For twostudent desks having the configuration pictured on this page, model
792448BB units with a plywoodcore high-pressure laminate top deliver years of reliable service. Virco also offers two 7900 Series desks for individual students.
Model 792026BB units have a plywood-core high-pressure laminate work surface, and 792026BBM desks feature an FRW™ hard plastic top.
Open-Front 785 Student Desks with Colored Book Boxes
With 12 exciting plastic book box colors, Virco’s popular model 785 open-front
student desk has a whole new look. This exciting, expanded book box palette
is only available when ordered with a Fusion Maple work surface and Silver
Mist upper-leg frame. Of course, we still offer this desk with a Black book box
and upper-leg frame, but if you’re ready to add more color to your classrooms,
Virco’s got the solution.
Lift-Lid Student Desks
Virco’s lift-lid desks come with sturdy steel hinges and dual closing devices for
quiet, reliable operation. Economical model 751 desks feature a tubular steel
frame and a 5” high metal book box topped by a high-pressure laminate work
surface. If you prefer a lift-lid configuration that’s equipped with an FRW™ hard plastic work surface, our model 751M is an excellent choice.
72 Series Student Desks
Virco offers four additional student desk models to meet your classroom needs.
Various models feature an open-view book rack, and adjustable or non-adjustable fully chromed legs. All models come with a generous 18” x 24” FRW™ hard plastic work surface, and a wrap-around tubular steel leg brace for extra support.
I.Q.® Student Desk
Virco’s I.Q.® student desks combine the ergonomic advantages of a 221⁄4” to
301⁄4” top height adjustment range with a strong tubular steel frame and your
choice of a durable high-pressure laminate work surface over a plywood core
(model 280OPN) or a colorfast, stainresistant FRW™ hard plastic work surface
(model 280OPNM). Both desks feature a generous open-front book box. Along
with I.Q.’s supportive seating alternatives, these desks excel in an array of
learning venues.
The Jr. Executive Student Desk
For spacious individual seating and storage, Virco’s model 765 features a large 20” x 34” high-pressure laminate work surface, a generous side-mounted book compartment and a molded modesty panel.
Cantilever-Leg Student Desks
Adjustable-height desks with cantilevered pedestal legs are a Virco specialty.
Model 871 open-front units offer you a 45⁄8” high plastic book box with a highpressure laminate work surface. A 20”x 26” FRW™ hard plastic work surface is standard on model 871M desks. Spacesaving model 878 open-front units give you the added convenience of accommodating students in pairs.
4000 Series Activity Tables
Versatile 4000 Series activity tables are at your service with 25 different standardleg models. At home in classrooms, training rooms, workrooms and mailrooms, these tables are especially great for collaborative learning environments. Selected models, like the 48KID72 shown on the next page, have a seating area that’s particularly appropriate for use by an instructor.
Sturdy 11⁄8” thick table tops feature a Fusion Maple, Medium Oak, Walnut or Grey Nebula high-pressure laminate finish. Table edges are cushioned with protective T-mold banding. Standard tubular steel legs let you adjust top height from 22” to 30” in one-inch increments. Optional leg models and accessories are also available.
TEXT® Series Tables
TEXT tables can be ordered with 20”, 24”, 30” and 36” work surface widths. Options include: a spacious book box; an open-view book basket that’s available with or without a handy paper/pencil tray; a backpack hanger; smartly detailed grommets with a flush-closing cover and wire pass-through openings at each end; and stylish perforated steel modesty panels. TEXT tables accommodate
many of Virco’s popular wire management and computing accessories; in fact, selected TEXT models for technology-based settings come with post-formed table
edges, two TEXT grommets, a TEXT modesty panel and two handy wire management trays.
With TEXT, educational institutions now have a vastly improved selection of tables for their classrooms and other learning environments. By uniting the elegance of contract furniture with the proven durability and performance
of Virco-engineered products, TEXT affordably embodies a new level of excellence.
Lunada® Tables
With 20 top sizes, optional grommets and stylish, die-cast aluminum bi-point feet, Lunada® tables give you lots of excellent choices for classrooms and seminar
settings. Because work surface widths range from 22” to 36” – while lengths start at 48” and go up to 96” – it’s easy to find two-person or four-person top configurations that work in many different learning environments. Larger Lunada models also make great conference tables that comfortably accommodate six people.
For an extra aesthetic accent, Lunada tables come with attractively oversized
adjustable glides. And practically speaking, the glides permit Lunada tables to be leveled on uneven floors.
7900 Series Tables
If you want hard-working activity tables with a tubular steel pedestal base and a
plywood work surface, Virco’s 7900 Series lets you choose from four popular models. These heavy-duty tables provide practical solutions for tough classroom assignments, or anywhere there’s a need for extra durability and support.
Teacher Desks
Exciting new Parameter® desks combine exceptional functionality with high-end styling at an affordable price. The technology- ready model shown here features two desktop grommets, two internal wire management chutes and a perforated steel modesty panel with a wire management trough. Locking casters enable teachers to readily move this Parameter desk to different parts of the classroom
as needed.
Technology Instructor Desks
Teachers in computer labs and technology-based classrooms will love
Virco’s new Technology Instructor Desks! Designed at the request of Virco
customers to complement SMART Board™ products and related educational
tools, Technology Instructor Desks give your teachers and students the
advanced furniture support they deserve.

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