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My Prayers for You All

DATE:2014-04-06 18:53 NAME:admin
The Leper Home and HIV Centre in India

Here are my prayers for all of my friends at these places, especially for those who are so young and they will still have long way to go. 





I pray for these young little children to understand why their parents have to send them there, as they must feel even more painful and miss them much. 
I pray for them not to be frightened at night because the room is so dark and without parents around them.
I pray for they are brave to look forward and not to think of the old days when they can still walk at that time, but now can only sit on the bed.
I pray for they will remember color of the sky, how beautiful are the flowers and the trees, because one day they may unable to see anything because of their illness.
I pray for they will not scare how they will look like, when they see all the people around them.
I pray for they not to ask “Why?”, and not to doubt for how much God still loves them....., that make a stranger willing to fly long hours just because she wants to give you a hug….
At last, I pray for you to forgive all of your family and friends if one day they will not visit you anymore.  Please remember them always even they might forget you and please pray for them.
Be faithful to believe what HE plan for you is the best!  To believe you will understand HIS plan one day……..
Our Father will never judge us for how we look but only our souls, and we may look different but your souls may even more pure than ours……
May God Bless you abundantly and protect you all the time!

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